I write the blog www.RealFoodRN.com and (believe it or not) not all of my readers want to learn about making your own baby toothpaste or how to wash foam bath toys! I decided to create Nourished Nuggets so I can share all of the fun things we do in our day that I feel are important to raising healthy, intelligent, curious, and vibrant children.

I have two of the most amazing children on the planet! Every day is a challenge though, to keep up with their curiosity and their ever-changing appetites. We follow a Traditional & Real Food diet lifestyle that includes all sorts of crazy things, from organ meats to fermented tea (kombucha)…and I make it all. Whew! Labor of love. Some days I am Pinspired, but I mostly come up with our daily activities and meals on my own. Hope you enjoy it!


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