Salad container greenhouse


We might be a tad bit early for starting our seeds this year, but this winter has been waaaaay too long here in Minnesnowta! I need something green and sprouting in my life. Plus, a seed packet costs next to nothing and I just love teaching my little hobbits about planting and growing things. We bought one of those garden starter mini green house things from Home Depot, but it currently resides in our garden shed that has a fairly large snow bank blocking the door… today we grow seeds in a salad container. I have to admit that I am feeling pretty psyched about this project idea!


  • 1 large salad container
  • 1 bag of black dirt
  • seeds that you want to plant
  • row markers (we used popsicle sticks)


  • Allow your little one to do as much of this project as their skill/developmental level allows, it’s very educational and fun!
  • Pour about 4″ of dirt into the bottom of the salad container.
  • With your finger, draw lines in the dirt about 2″ apart. Your number of rows will depend on the size of your container. We started with 2 rows and plan to add additional containers as our “garden” expands.
  • Plant seeds according to your seed packet instructions and cover them with dirt.
  • Mark your rows with popsicle sticks and label them. I let the kids decorate the row markers.
  • Place cover on top of container and water when needed, not too much and not too little. Watch the moisture level in the container, as too much will cause the seeds to mold and rot.
  • Place in a sunny area with the amount of sun indicated on the seed packet.




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