Turn used pantyhose into toys


We love to recycle things into toys in our house. It keeps the kids creative thinking caps on, and it also saves some cash. We had a baptism party this weekend and I snagged my nylons beyond repair. Of course we had to come up with something to do with the nylons immediately once we got home.

Here are a few of the ideas we tried:

  • Pantyhose octopus (pictured above): Fill the nylon with cotton balls until you have a good-sized “head”. Then tie off at the neck and cut the base into strips to form the legs. Draw a face on with a sharpie. These are actually really fun to throw at each other!
  • Bean caterpillar: We filled the nylon with dried beans and tied off the stocking every two inches. This made a caterpillar shape and the kids had fun sorting and counting the beans as they put them inside the stocking
  • Snowballs: Fill the stocking with cotton (We reuse the cotton from vitamin containers) and tie the ends. Shape into balls. These are great because they are super lightweight and you can have a “snowball fight” without worrying about breaking stuff in the house!

Stuff we plan to make with the next pair that I destroy…